Adoption Process

1- Fill out our Adoption Application (click on the appropriate link below)
This step is extremely important for us to know who you are and understand what you want, need, and expect from your new family member and our rescue. It is also an important step to understanding what it means to adopt an animal from our rescue.

                                          English                                                                  French

We have many cats and dogs ready to be adopted into a loving home- all you have to do is pick one and let us know which one you are interested in by indicating their name under “preference” in our applications.

2- We will contact you and arrange a first meeting
Please be aware that we receive many, many emails a day and because of this it may take anywhere from 24-72 hours for us to respond .

The first meeting is always important- at this point we will arrange for you to meet the animal where they are living with their foster family.

We are dedicated to placing all of our animals in safe and happy homes and to the happiness of our adoptive families. If the animal you have chosen is not a good match for your family we are constantly saving animals and we will find you the perfect new addition to your family. The animal will also find it’s perfect family in time.

5- Pay Adoption Fee, Fill out the Adoption Contract and welcome your furry friend to your home
Once you and your family along with the animal in question have been deemed an ideal match for each other,  you may then be able to bring your newest family member home! At this point you will pay the Adoption Fee and fill out the Adoption Contract.



  • Purebred Puppies – $535
  • Purebred Adult Dogs – $485
  • Small Breed Dogs – $485
  • Mixed Puppies – $435
  • Mixed Adult Dogs – $385
  • Senior Dogs (7+ years old) or compassionate adoption – $75
  • Kittens – $300
  • Adult Cats – $250
  • Senior Cats or compassionate adoption – $75

Puppies/Kittens (less than 8 months)
Adults (8+ months)
Seniors (7+ years)

For more information on the Adoption Fee for a specific dog or cat please contact us at

Now that you are aware of our adoption process and have filled out our application please take a look at our available dogs and cats below!

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